In the Mid-1960's Mr. Leo Lake, National Service Manager for then Yamaha International Corporation realized the sportcycle market needed a high quality oil that enhanced reliability, durability and dependability because "off-the-shelf" automotive oils simply didn't live up to Yamaha's standards.

After some service issues in the early ‘60s, Leo pursued the lubrication side of the problem for the next two years, convinced it had to do with lubrication and not the engine itself. After having tested hundreds of combinations Leo developed a blend that in 1967 became the iconic YAMALUBE brand and to this day we still embrace his uncompromising commitment to quality and performance.

Simply put, Yamalube is the only oil "built around" the unique demands, operating characteristics, and applications of not only Yamaha engines, but all Powersport engines.

Yamalube Uncompromised Commitment to Quality and Performance
Yamalube Recommended for Yamaha's Flagship Sportbike - The YZF-R1 (CP4 Engine Shown)

For the next 25 years Yamalube was recommended by Yamaha in the owner's manuals and in 1992, Yamaha Motor Corporation Japan, formed the first Yamalube Oil Committee that consisted of Yamaha engine design engineers and our own oil specialists. This committee was tasked with approving and maintaining quality control over all proprietary Yamalube oil blends. Within the year, the committee had standardized land 2 stroke and 4 stroke specifications and by the end of the year help implement the JASO (Japan Automotive Standard Association) mark, a mark guaranteeing the performance of this classification. By '93 the Yamalube name was granted a global trademark and is now in over 117 countries.

As a new era was ushered in, so were new advancements in technology, chemistries, materials, and processes, and in 2007, Yamalube saw a chance to re-formulate the complete line to pull further away from the competition. Not that anything was wrong with the current formulation, but as Yamaha engine technology advanced so did the need for even more complex oil formulations.

With a 49 year track record under their belt Yamalube once again did something no one else in the Powersports industry had done... warrant the use of their product in a Yamaha engine, and in 2016, the Yamalube Advantage™ was launched. Never-before-seen in the industry this 20 year, 5,000 hour, 100,000 mile, lubrication limited warranty proves that Yamalube is not only the best, but the ONLY lubrication brand Yamaha (and any powersport) owners should use.

In 2017, Yamalube celebrated 50 years of success and reinventing the industry over and over again, with the determination to continue doing so for years to come.

Yamalube Road Racing